You’ll need to utilize the comfort to compose orders into your config. Arranging your video settings in-game is straightforward. The most generally utilized goal is 1280×960 whether it’s dark bars or extended is down to individual inclination. You’ll need to have each setting on low, to get the most elevated FPS.

Autoexec is the cs go cfg that guarantees you load the right rates and settings without fail. Setting up an autoexec is exceptionally straightforward; make another config document and type in the ideal orders. Since the main arrival of Counter-Strike, players have attempted to streamline the game for greatest upper hands. With CS: GO, this is the same, and the game offers significantly more customizations than can be found in the in-game settings. The vast majority would be astounded by the abilities of the config record.

The CS: GO engineers are moving towards more customizations by means of the in-game settings, yet right up ’til today, there are still a few settings that are just accessible through the config and autoexec documents.

The config record is consequently made when you play CS: GO. It stores all your key bindings and different settings you make in-game. The complete name of the record is config.cfg. The cfg augmentation, demonstrates that it is a config record, and a few config documents exist in your CS: GO library. The config record is situated in the “cfg” catalog in CS: GO. The way to the config.cfg document is:

\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\cfg

At times, the way may be somewhat unique. For a case of a config record, you can look at simple’s CS: GO config. It isn’t prescribed to place your individual customizations into this document, as it may get overwritten by CS: GO. Rather, you ought to make what is called an autoexec.cfg record.