While there are a wide range of fantasies and gossipy tidbits on the best way to expand FPS in CS2, there are a sure not many which are especially successful.

Helpless FPS can be brought about by numerous things from dust in your motherboard to a helpless PC arrangement. Be that as it may, these tips should assist you with augmenting your FPS for Counter-Strike: 2. Here are 5 hints to boost FPS in CS2.

  • Update Your Video Settings

The first and most significant intention for increment CS 2 fps boost is to change your video settings. The default settings are set to High, which can cause low FPS in the event that you aren’t on a very good quality PC. Make a point to pick the entirety of the least settings for the best outcomes.

  • Utilize the FPS Benchmark Map

Go to Play and pick Workshop Maps from the dropdown menu. From here, go to Visit Workshop and discover FPS Benchmark.

  • Check Your NVidia Video Settings

In case you’re actually battling with your FPS, right snap on your PC work area and go to the NVIDIA Control Panel. From here, pick Manage 3D Settings, Program Settings, and pick Counter-Strike: 2.

  • Include CS2 Launch Options

Right snap on Counter-Strike 2 in the Steam sidebar and go to Properties. From here, pick Set Launch Options. There’s a great deal of discussion about whether these orders really help or not. A few clients may discover them helpful while others should dodge them.

  • Clean your Computer

Cleaning your PC of foundation applications and bloatware can help increment your FPS in CS2. Ensure you play CS2 with nothing pointless running out of sight. You ought to likewise go to Device Manager and update drivers, particularly for sound and video cards.